Fabric blind and tension wire system – Durham County Cricket Club, Chester le Street

Design, manufacture and installation of a fabric blind and tension wire system.

Durham County Cricket Club, Chester le Street

(Design, Manufacture and Install) Main contractor Surgo Construction.

Having successfully designed, manufactured & installed a series of fabric blinds suspended with tension wires to the South Northumberland Cricket Academy, Great Circle Rigging were specified by the same architects to install a similar blind & tension wire suspension system for the new cricket academy at the Chester le Street grounds of Durham County Cricket Club.

To stop direct sunlight from intruding onto the indoor cricket playing surface, whilst still allowing natural light into the area, a network of pretensioned blinds were installed below the glass roof of the building. These blinds were held in position by a tension wire system running the full length of the building. They had to be removable for cleaning and access above but easily reinstated to an identical position. The blinds were manufactured from a fire-retardant fabric in the sail loft .

We are currently working on the next project from this architect’s board which is to design, manufacture and install blinds in the new James Square development at The University of Plymouth. One of the building’s striking features is a glass atrium roof. To reduce heat build up these blinds will provide shade whilst once again allowing natural light to filter through.